Funding and Support

Red Squirrels Nursery Warcop has received immense support from the community, from individuals and from companies and charities, especially in enabling us to build our nursery here at Warcop.

Thanks must go to:
  • Cumbria Children's Services
  • Cumbria Rural Infrastructure Support Programme (CRISP)
  • Big Lottery Awards For All'
  • Cumbria Community Champions
  • Frieda Scott Trust
Thanks also to everyone who has supported our fundraising in so many ways and to all the parents, families and friends, past and present who would fill up several more pages. The nursery is hugely grateful to you all and in return will continue to do its very best for the children in our local community.

How Can Parents Get Involved

As you will have realised, the Nursery is very keen to have strong links with families and builds on these links all the time with communications home, play plans and reports, newsletters and much informal discussion too. We encourage all parents to consult our Parent Noticeboard in the entrance to the nursery which is updated every day and gives reminders as well as letting you know the highlights of the day. The newsletters will tell you which topics are coming up and suggest items your child could bring in to share or display and we always have an Interest Table on the go, which children contribute to as well.

On top of all this regular activity, we very much like to involve families more directly and below are some of the ways that you might consider joining in.


We often ask for help on off-site trips or when there is a specific activity that requires greater supervision. Not all parents can spare the time to do this but if you can you will find the fun repays the effort! At our bigger' events, such as a Summer Fun Days, we appreciate anyone who can come and help or contribute party food, for example.


We will always keep you informed of the latest fundraising activities and none of these are successful without parental involvement in many guises, attending events, entering competitions, donating gifts, buying tickets, selling tickets, baking, making and lots and lots of other kinds of help. We are sometimes able to raise funds through schemes too, so you might be asked to bring along your old newspapers or browse a catalogue to see if you want to buy any Christmas gifts.

Social Events

Not all of our events are for fundraising look out for notices to let you know when staff, committee and parents are invited to get together for pure relaxation.

Committee of Trustees

The Nursery Committee relies entirely on parents to function, some whose children are at nursery and some whose have left. As the nursery is a registered charity, committee members are Trustees of the charity.

There is a time commitment involved but serving on the committee is valuable work, a fascinating insight and rewarding and fun, too. The committee has relaxed, though still productive, meetings and we occasionally get to socialise too.

Anyone interested in helping on the committee should contact a member of staff or committee to find out more of what is involved. In any case, the Annual General Meeting, held towards the end of the Autumn term, is open to all parents and we like to welcome as many of you as possible on that occasion.

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